Data Analytics & Insights


Organizations are looking for developing actionable insights by deciphering the data. Data flows in from different sources like wearable devices, multimedia, social media, GPS machine logs, sensors, wearable devices, images along with traditional data sources. Business expansion in the coming decade is all set to be driven by the power of data.

Collection of data followed by assortation and analysis of data are primary to building up marketing strategies and implementing them. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence use advanced computer algorithms to automate and optimize business targets and assets. The business value of Data Analytics and Insights driven enterprises worldwide is estimated to be near about $2 trillion in the current fiscal scenario.

Tech Pulse Analytics and Insights Services offer real-time insights into your company’s service delivery model. This optimizes the performance by enabling smart decisions. We design innovation- driven solutions for your business which will aid the execution of effective data-driven strategies.


1. Up to a 10% increase in sales
2. Upto 200% rise in campaign response rate
3. Upto 60% decrease in the cost of customer acquisition.
4. Higher profitability through better retention plans.
5. Up to 30% reduction in marketing budget.
6. Transformation of the customer experience through asset performance prediction.

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